Installation (prior to v1.8)

1. Installing Console

  1. Double click and run it,

  2. Click Next for installing pre-requisites. Setup will download missing packages in case needed.

  3. Accept EULA and click ‘Install’,

  4. Wait for the installer to extract required setup files,

  5. Configure Binalyze AIR:

    1. Select License: Provide the license file you have received via email,

    2. IP Address: Provide the Static IP Address of the machine you are installing AIR into. This value is by default for making it easy to test on your local environment.,

    3. Create User: Provide an email and a password for creating the first user in the system. You will use the credentials provided for logging into AIR once installation completes,

    4. (optional) Configure Active Directory: Provide an Active Directory account that has sufficient rights for ‘enumerating’ objects in your domain. This does not to be a privileged account,

    5. (optional) Configure Proxy: Provide the proxy details if you are using a proxy in your environment,

  6. Wait for Setup to finalize,

  7. Click the Finish button,

  8. Congratulations! You are now ready to start using AIR!

Logging into AIR for the first time

Upon successful setup, the console installer will automatically open a browser window in which you can log in by providing the credentials you have provided in the previous step.

2. Installing Endpoints (Deployment)

Upon your login to console you will see a "Let's start" section on the dashboard. This section is provided for making it easier to install your first endpoint so that you can start using AIR by assigning tasks to the same endpoint console is installed to. In this scenario, both the console and endpoint are installed on the same machine.

There are 3 alternative methods for downloading the endpoint installer:

  1. Let's Start section on Dashboard Page (only available for first endpoint installation, login required),

  2. New Endpoint button on Endpoints Page (always available, login required),

  3. API Route for downloading the Endpoint Package (always available, does not require login).

Zero-Config Endpoint Packages

All the methods listed above return the same zero-config endpoint package which does not require any configuration.

Console address and other required settings are already embedded into the installation package so that you are not required to provide any settings or command-line arguments.

Endpoint Installer API Route (no login required)


Visiting the above URL returns an installer package ready for double click installation on any endpoint.


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