Installing AIR on Linux


  1. Create a folder for the Binalyze AIR under /opt directory:
    $ sudo mkdir /opt/binalyze-air
  2. Navigate to binalyze-air folder:
    $ cd /opt/binalyze-air
  3. Download docker-compose.yml:
    $ sudo curl -fsSL --output /opt/binalyze-air/docker-compose.yml
  4. Open the "docker-compose.yml" file with a preferred text editor and change the “hostname” value with the server’s hostname under the app section:
    hostname: 'air.console.service' => hostname: 'hostname'
    It should look like this:


            - nats

            - redis

            - mongodb


         hostname: 'binalyze-air-server'

         restart: unless-stopped
  5. Create ".env" file and add "AIR_VERSION=v1.8.0-rc" line into it:
    $ echo "AIR_VERSION=v1.8.0-rc" | sudo tee /opt/binalyze-air/.env
  6. Run the following command to start Binalyze AIR installation in docker:
    $ sudo docker-compose -p binalyze-air up -d
  7. Wait for the installation to complete. It may take several minutes.
  8. Once the installation is complete, Binalyze AIR will start automatically. You can now access Binalyze AIR Console via web browser: