Offline License Activation (prior to v1.8)

Binalyze provides Offline License Activation for customers that have limited or no Internet connectivity. Note that Trial licenses cannot be activated offline. The required steps are outlined below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This procedure only applies to versions prior to v1.8.

  1. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Binalyze\AIR\server” folder and open “.env” file with a preferred text editor;
    1. Change “AIR_OFFLINE_LICENSE=false” to “AIR_OFFLINE_LICENSE=true”.
    2. If  “AIR_OFFLINE_LICENSE” field is not present in the file, add it manually.
  2. Contact Binalyze Support to get Offline Licensing Server application.
  3. Copy offline licensing server application and the license file to the “C:\Binalyze\AIR” folder on the server where the AIR console is installed.
  4. Start command prompt with administrator privileges and run the following command:
    sc.exe create Binalyze.AIR.Licensing binPath= "C:\Binalyze\AIR\licensing-service.exe" start= auto
  5. Start Service Control Manager by navigating to the Start menu then type “services” in the search bar and make sure that the Binalyze.AIR.Licensing service is registered under services.
    1. Start Binalyze.AIR.Licensing service
    2. Restart Binalyze.AIR.Console service.
  6. Navigate to AIR Console and enter your license key.
  7. Complete the installation by following the setup guide via AIR Console.