Report Generation

  • AIR version 4.4 introduces Customizable Reporting from the Investigation Hub.

  • This initial version is just the beginning, and it allows users to generate a Compromise Assessment report based on any DRONE findings identified in the Investigation Hub.

  • Users can, at speed, automatically generate an insightful and shareable PDF report based on DRONE’s findings.

  • This report is fully customizable, enabling users to choose from the following specific elements for inclusion in their bespoke reports:

    • The Verdicts or Scores as determined by DRONE

    • A Company logo

    • An Executive Summary

    • The Methodology Overview

    • The Data Source Statistics

    • An Asset Overview

How to create a Compromise Assessment report

To generate a report users must select ‘Generate Report’ from the top right of the Investigation Hub main window.

You will then be guided through a 3-step wizard that allows you to tailor the report to your requirements:

Step One - Select what asset(s) to report on:

Step 2 - Select the DRONE findings you wish to include in your report, perhaps using the filter shown to report on bookmarked findings, all findings, or none of the findings:

Step 3 - The user can now define the report by choosing which sections to include or exclude, you are also able to:

  • Add a company name.

  • Include a company logo.

  • Choose a report name.

  • Select the appropriate report time zone.

Next the user can select ‘Generate Report’ to create an editable HTML version of the template which has just been defined in the 3 steps above and now it is possible to add and remove text, tables, images, etc. And edit the report in any way needed.

The report can be saved or immediately exported as a PDF:

The editor can be launched at any time in AIR from the Reports button in the secondary menu of Cases:

If additional changes are made, each revised PDF can be saved under a different file name. For instance, users have the option to save just the executive summary as a separate PDF or combine all sections into one comprehensive report.

Users can generate multiple PDFs from a single report template, each saved with a distinct name for easy identification.

Currently, selecting over 2000 findings for a report may impact the editor's performance. To optimize functionality, we suggest users first bookmark the findings that are most relevant to them. Then, they can choose the “bookmarked findings only” option for inclusion in their report. This approach not only streamlines the reporting process but also ensures a smoother performance for the editor.

Looking ahead, future updates will introduce additional report templates, further performance improvements, and enhanced filtering options in the Investigation Hub. These new features will be directly integrated into the report generation process, eliminating the current need for users to manually bookmark findings.

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