AIR File Explorer

AIR can be used to explore the file systems of Windows, macOS, and Linux systems where full disk or volume images have been acquired in either the RAW (dd) or EWF (E01/Ex01) formats.

The forensic image can be added to AIR as a new Asset in a three-step process:

  • 1. On the Assets page, click on the ‘Add New’ button and then select Disk Image:

File Explorer: Add a Disk Image
  • 2. Select your connected repository and then the RAW or EWF disk image you wish to explore:

File Explorer: Select an image file

  • 3. Select ‘Create Asset’:

File Explorer: Create the asset

The image must be supplied to AIR from an SMB or SFTP shared location, where it needs to be saved as a single contiguous file. Segmented files are not currently supported.

The next step is to select File Explore from the secondary menu:

File Explorer is accessed via the Secondary Menu

Now you can browse the asset’s directory structure which is now expanded in the secondary menu (highlighted below) and then go on to select individual files for closer inspection:

File Explorer: Directory Tree displayed in Secondary Menu

A file can be selected with a right-click to download it locally or calculate its hash values.

Advanced filters can be applied to filter the files displayed.

File Explorer - Calculate Hash for disk images

  • When a disk image is added as an asset to AIR, users can now calculate the hash value of that image file either through the Asset Actions button or from the Disk Image Details window.

  • MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 are all calculated simultaneously.

  • This hash function can be carried out at any time.

  • Recursive searching is now possible in the AIR File Explorer via the Global Search box where the File Explorer tab will display any hits found in the File Explorer.

This is just the beginning of our File Explorer project - many more features are planned and your feedback is most welcome.

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