When you would like to perform actions on a number of assets, the Tagging feature will make your job easier by allowing you to clearly manage assets based on how they have been tagged.

Manual tagging is described below and Auto Asset Tagging is a great feature that will tag your assets as soon as the AIR responder is deployed and can be re-run at any time.

To create Tags for your assets:

1. Navigate to “Assets” in the Main Menu and select the assets to which you want to assign tags.

2. Click in the dialogue box and search the drop-down list for an existing Tag or simply type a new Tag name and then click "Add this as a new tag".

3. From the the same dialogue box you can delete Tags.

Note: You can add multiple tags to a single asset.

4. Now you can filter all of your assets by their tags, making it easy to view specific groups of assets and apply relevant acquisition or triage tasks just to them.

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