AIR 4.11 Introduces Frank.AI

Your Forensic Investigation Copilot

We're excited to unveil Frank.AI in our AIR 4.11 preview release. Frank is an AI Assistant designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, enhancing the forensic investigation process within the AIR console. Here's everything you need to know about Frank.AI and how it can transform your investigative work.

What Can Frank.AI Do for You?

Frank.AI is not just another tool; it's your investigation partner, available anytime, directly within the AIR console. Frank.AI aims to provide:

  • Direct Access: Instant availability across the AIR console for any inquiries, speeding up your investigations.

  • Instant Knowledge Support: Quick, AI-powered insights to bridge gaps in your forensic analysis, ensuring you're always prepared for the next step.

  • Enhanced Rule Creation: Simplified creation of YARA, Sigma, and Osquery rules, expanding your toolkit without the complexity.

As we launch Frank.AI, remember that this is just the beginning. Frank.AI will evolve, shaped by your feedback and the integration of advanced AI technologies, to offer even more nuanced assistance.

Frank.AI in AIR 4.11: Preview Version Highlights

In this initial rollout, Frank.AI leverages the ChatGPT API to assist with forensic-related questions, including advice on YARA, Sigma, and Osquery rules. While this version doesn't include fine-tuning or pre-training, it sets the groundwork for substantial future enhancements.

Upcoming Enhancements:

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Future versions will see Frank.AI accessing a wider array of data sources for broader, more accurate responses.

  • Deeper AIR Ecosystem Integration: Frank.AI will eventually fetch data directly from the AIR database, integrating more deeply into the AIR framework for enhanced capabilities.

  • Advanced Analysis Features: Expect Frank.AI to offer anomaly detection and behavioral correlations by analyzing data through the AIR's AI module.

How to Interact with Frank.AI

To start a conversation with Frank, look for the Frank AI chat icon on any page within the AIR Console, positioned in the bottom left corner over the settings icon. Frank is ready to assist with digital forensics, incident response, or any aspect of your investigation.

Requirements and Security

Frank.AI is hosted on and available to all licensed AIR users. Developed with a focus on security, Frank.AI operates through a proxy server, ensuring that no customer data is sent to external services. Users are advised not to share confidential information within their messages and prompts.

The Road Ahead

Frank's journey is just beginning, with ambitious plans for expansion and enhancement based on your feedback and the evolving needs of digital forensic investigations. Our dedicated Confluence page will keep you updated on Frank's development and the exciting new features we have in store.


Frank.AI represents a significant leap forward in forensic investigations, providing AIR users with an intelligent, accessible assistant that simplifies complex processes and enhances investigative capabilities. As we continue to develop Frank.AI, we're excited to see how it will transform the way you approach forensic analysis and investigation within the AIR ecosystem.

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