What is AIR Relay Server?

AIR Relay Server is a specialized SOCKS5 proxy server specifically designed to facilitate communication between AIR responders and the AIR console. Its primary function is to act as an intermediary, enabling the seamless proxying of connections between the responders and the console.

With Relay Server, you can enhance the security of both responders and the console by only granting access via the Relay Server, eliminating the requirement for direct access to the AIR console from the responder environment.

This indirect access approach adds an extra layer of protection to the overall system architecture.

The Relay Server functionality in an AIR deployment is not automatically available for all users. This feature's availability is contingent upon specific license configurations.

Users considering the installation and configuration of a Relay Server should liaise with their Binalyze installation advisor as part of the setup process.

Considerations for Relay Server Setup:

  • Public IP Requirement:

    • The need for a public IP address for the Relay Server depends on its intended use and positioning.

    • If the Relay Server is set up for internet-facing properties, a public IP address or a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) might be required.

    • For a Relay Server intended for internal network entities, a public IP address is not necessary.

  • Use Case for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs):

    • In scenarios where the Relay Server is used by MSSPs for external entities, it is likely that a public IP or FQDN will be needed.

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