To run the Relay Server correctly, the Agent must be running to manage tasks received from the AIR Console. Any modification or removal of these requirements will cause the Relay Server to fail to operate.

If endpoints attempting to connect through the Relay Server cannot establish a connection, they will fallback to a direct connection. Alternatively, if a proxy connection is configured, they will fallback to using the proxy for the connection.

If connections through the Relay Server are experiencing failures, you can try resolving the issue by restarting the service using the following systemctl command:

sudo systemctl restart Binalyze.AIR.Relay.service

This command will initiate a restart of the Relay Server service, which may help in resolving any connectivity issues.

Modifying the config file manually can introduce several problems, particularly due to the YAML format. Therefore, if you intend to make changes to the config file, such as adding whitelist addresses, it is crucial to adhere to the correct YAML format.

Ensure that you follow the YAML syntax rules while making any alterations to the config file. This includes correctly indenting elements, using appropriate punctuation, and maintaining the structure specified by the YAML format.

Relay Server logs all incoming connections and other operational activities for the purpose of troubleshooting and investigating any failures. To access these logs, you can retrieve by clicking on "Log Retrieval" on the "Relay Server Details" page.

Alternatively, you can refer to the following files located in the Relay Server directory:

  • /opt/binalyze/air/relay/air_relay.log.txt

  • /opt/binalyze/air/relay/air_relay.process.log.txt

Please note that these log files are rotated and compressed, allowing you to view older log files if needed.

These log files contain valuable information that can assist in diagnosing issues, identifying errors, and understanding the overall behavior of the Relay Server. By reviewing the logs, you can gain insights into the operations and events occurring within the Relay Server environment.

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