Policies are used when modifying acquisition tasks on multiple endpoints. “Policies” feature disabled by default. When you enable this feature, all acquisition options will be decided by policies that match the filtering criteria. The required steps for enabling the “Policies” feature and creating policies are outlined below:
1. Click
button and select “Policies” from the drop-down list.
2. Enable “Policies” feature by clicking the switch button on the top left corner.
Note: Default policy is automatically created after enabling the “Policies “ feature and will be applied to all acquisitions by default. You can change the default policy anytime.
3. Click the “New Policy” button on the top right corner.
4. From the “New Policy” window, provide a name to the policy.
5. Adjust the configurations according to your needs and click “Next Step”.
6. Choose filter type and relevant condition from the drop-down list and provide corresponding value (example shown below) and click “Next Step”.
Note: You can add multiple filters to the policy by clicking the “ADD” button.
7. Finally, endpoints will be displayed based on your filtering criteria, so you can make sure that your filter(s) are working as intended. Click the “Save Policy” button to finalize your policy creation.