How do I update AIR responders on assets?

Updating AIR responders

The AIR responder can be updated in two ways: manually or automatically. By default, updates are set to be manual. However, if AIR responders on assets maintain a connection to the console from which they were deployed, they are capable of updating themselves automatically. Details on both update options are explained below.

Automatic responder update

Once a Console update is installed, its associated responders will automatically receive and execute an update task during their next connection to the updated console. It's important to note that this automatic update behavior is only active if the 'Update asset responders automatically' setting is enabled, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Manual responder update

If the setting selected is, 'Update asset responders manually (by assigning an upgrade task)' the update task can be generated from the individual Asset page:

You can also manually update responders by selecting multiple assets. If any of the selected assets require a responder update, the option to do so will be available to the user through the 'More' option in the Bulk Action bar.

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