Service Management for Relay Server

As Relay Server operates as a service/daemon managed by systemd, you can utilize the following systemctl commands to start, stop, restart and reload the service:

To start the service:

sudo systemctl start Binalyze.AIR.Relay.service

To stop the service:

sudo systemctl stop Binalyze.AIR.Relay.service

To restart the service:

sudo systemctl restart Binalyze.AIR.Relay.service

Stopping and restarting the Relay Server may require several minutes due to its behavior of gracefully shutting down. The Relay Server waits for connected endpoints to disconnect before shutting down to ensure a proper shutdown process.

During this waiting period, the Relay Server allows sufficient time for all endpoints to disconnect, ensuring that any ongoing communications are completed. Once all the endpoints have disconnected from the Relay Server, it proceeds with the shutdown process.

This careful handling of the shutdown process helps maintain the integrity of the ongoing communications and ensures that all necessary cleanup and termination procedures are executed properly. However, it is important to note that the actual duration may vary based on the number of connected endpoints and the complexity of the ongoing communications.

Relay Server provides support for reloading its configuration file without the need to restart the service. You can accomplish this by executing the following systemctl command:

sudo systemctl reload Binalyze.AIR.Relay.service

By running this command, any changes made to the Relay Server's configuration file will be applied without requiring a full restart of the service. This allows you to update the configuration manually and have the new settings take effect immediately.

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