Setting Up a Custom Case Directory

Explains how it is possible to create a custom directory for your off-network collector

1. Run as Administrator/Root To modify settings or even to display help options, it's necessary to run the off-network program with administrator (Windows) or root (Linux/Mac) privileges. This is essential for accessing certain system directories or modifying system files

2. Using Command Line Instead of launching the program by double-clicking, open a command terminal as an administrator and navigate to the directory where the program is located.

3. Setting the Case Directory

You can specify a custom directory for saving case files by using the `--base-case-dir` flag followed by the path to the desired folder.

For example, if you want to store cases in "D:/Another/Folder", the command would look like this: offnetwork_windows_amd64.exe --base-case-dir D:/Another/Folder

4. Viewing Available Commands To view all available flags and commands, you can enter the following command: offnetwork_windows_amd64.exe --help

This will display all the configuration options available, including the `--base-case-dir` option which allows you to override the default case file directory.

Additional Information: - The `--base-case-dir` option is supported across all operating systems that our software supports, making it flexible for various IT environments. - There is no need to create a new task file when you want to save to a different location; simply specify the desired path each time you run the program. Please note that while the `ESXi` command is mentioned in the help output, it pertains to a new feature that might be announced later.

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