How to install a Relay Server on different Linux platforms

To ensure proper installation of the Relay Server, the Agent must be installed and registered within the same organization and on the same system. If you plan to install the Agent beforehand, you should select a direct connection as the Relay Server will be located on the same system.

From the "Organizations" page, when you create a new organization or select an existing one, it will bring you to a page where you can deploy a new Relay Server.

By clicking “New Relay”, a deployment page brings up for the Relay Server:

As you can see, there are packages available based on Debian or Redhat distributions. You can select either the 64-bit or ARM64 version by clicking the arrow next to the "Download" button.

Once the package is downloaded, you will need to configure the environment settings for the Relay Server to register with the AIR Console. To simplify this process, you can easily copy the necessary commands by clicking the "copy" button located in the right corner of the command.

export AIR_DEPLOYMENT_TOKEN=dce4e59125c545a2
sudo -E dpkg -i ./binalyze-air-relay-server_2.22.0_*.deb

After copying the commands, open a terminal and navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the package. If the directory is "Downloads" in your home folder, you can go to that folder by executing the following commands in the terminal:

$ cd ~/Downloads 
$ export AIR_DEPLOYMENT_TOKEN=dce4e59125c545a2 
$ sudo -E dpkg -i ./binalyze-air-relay-server_2.22.0_arm64.deb 

(Reading database ... 244560 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack binalyze-air-relay-server_2.22.0_arm64.deb ... 
Trying to send SIGHUP to processes 
Trying to lock for single instance 
Locked for single instance remove service in progress 
remove service OK 
Unpacking binalyze-air-relay-server (2.22.0) over (2.22.0) ... Setting up binalyze-air-relay-server (2.22.0) ... 
Failed to acquire lock. An instance of the AIR Agent is running. Trying to stop the service... 
Checking lock if it is still held... 
Lock is held. AIR Agent is not running 
AIR Agent service started 
Relay service is configured successfully 
Binalyze AIR Relay successfully read and set environment variables. 
Trying to lock for single instance 
Locked for single instance 
add service in progress 
add service OK 
Binalyze AIR Relay is installed.

As part of the Relay Server installation process, it performs a check to verify the availability of the Agent. Additionally, it configures the Agent to manage the newly installed Relay Server.

Upon successful installation, you will be able to view your newly deployed Relay Server on the "Organization Detail" page.

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