A brief overview of system architecture


Binalyze AIR is an on-premise or cloud-based, client-server solution that allows you to remotely perform a variety of tasks on assets such as collecting forensic evidence and performing triage with YARA, Sigma, or osquery.

1. Management Console

Management Console is a web-based application that can be viewed from any device with an up-to-date browser.

2. AIR Agents

Assets connect to the management console via a lightweight "passive" agent that can be deployed manually or via mechanisms such as SCCM.

2.1. Passive Agent Explained

As you might have already guessed from the term "passive agent", AIR agents:
  • DO NOT scan anything on the asset that may cause slowdowns (e.g. your Antivirus),
  • DO NOT block anything on the asset that may cause false positives (e.g. your DLP),
  • DO NOT create any alerts that may cause "alert fatigue".