AIR agent troubleshooting

This article explains how to troubleshoot AIR agent problems.

Installation Problems

Agent installer name contains version information and IP address fields. Make sure that the MSI installer file name doesn't change and has relevant fields before installation. You can see an example below:

Post-Installation Problems

Default installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Binalyze\AIR\agent". Check this folder to ensure it contains the following agent files:

Service Problems

Binalyze AIR agent uses "Binalyze AIR Agent Service". Check this service from Windows Services Manager and make sure it exists and its state is "running".

Uninstall Problems

If system time and date are not set correctly or the necessary permissions are not set on %temp% and "C:\Windows\Installer" folders, you may encounter "Called RunScript when not marked in progress” and/or “Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress” errors during uninstall process.
First, check the system time/date and make sure it's correct.
Second, check the security properties of %temp% and "C:\Windows\Installer" folders and make sure that "System" and "Everyone" users have "Full control" permission over these folders.