TACTICAL for Chrome

1- Click evidence collection for Chrome
Binalyze Chrome TACTICAL is the evidence collector for Chrome and ChromeOS. You can use Chrome TACTICAL to collect digital evidence for free. Add the extension to your chrome browser and run TACTICAL to collect digital evidence whenever needed.
TACTICAL for Chrome is the fastest and easiest way of capturing forensic evidence from Chrome browsers. It runs as an extension and lets investigators capture forensic evidence with a single click at machine speed. Evidence is collected into a well-organized HTML report that is accompanied by individual CSV files.

The evidence collected by Chrome TACTICAL:

  • Browser History
  • Bookmarks
  • Cookies
  • Downloads
  • Downloads
  • Extensions
  • Platform Keys
  • Privacy Settings
  • Sessions
  • Storage
  • Top Sites
  • Windows & Tabs


Min version: Chrome 88

Add the extension to your chrome.